We’ve all been there: you’re buying a concert ticket, or commenting on a blog post, or sharing a link on your friend’s Facebook wall, when all of a sudden, there it is:


A CAPTCHA. No, wait—a CRAP tcha. You try once, twice, a third time. Is it yMJsj2L? YMUsuRI? vANJsJ2I? IgIVeUp! hELpMEpLeAse!

For years, it was assumed that these craptchas had been placed on our favorite sites for security purposes, to fight spam and automated bots. But now, groundbreaking investigative work by the crack team at Are You a Human has uncovered the truth: these craptchas are actually the work of the nefarious Craptcha Monsters.

Only by collecting and sharing the worst craptchas can we shame these monsters and send them back where they belong: to frolic with their friends Frank the Floppy Disk and Dave the Dial-Up Modem in the Land of Outdated Technologies.